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Welcome Back to the Artful Life!


It’s that time again – time to create your monthly vision board and goals.

This ritual has become a valued moment of self-reflection for me each month, and the collages, which I create directly in my planner, become touchstones for how I want to feel throughout the month. I check in with the image almost every day, and it helps me to stay focused on my most important goals, and to keep my mood positive and my actions aligned with my greater vision for my life. If you’d like to learn more about my process and how to make a goals collage yourself, read this post. If you’d like to see my monthly goals collages over the years, go here.

I’m a little late getting to my goals collage this month… April has already been exciting, fiery, and full… how has it been for you? Have you been finding time for creativity, and time for self-care?

I want to share with you that my art practice has been languishing for the past year or two. When I see this happen in other artist’s lives, I know what it is. I know it is a necessary period of dormancy, a period that always precedes a creative re-awakening, and usually precedes a big leap forward in their art practice. Of course it has been hard for me to see my own artless time in this light. Two years ago we closed the doors on our ceramics business, Terra Home Ceramics, a venture I had poured my heart, soul, and creative energy into for seven years. I made so many beautiful things, brought that beauty into so many homes; I worked hard and created beauty that will last a lifetime… and I learned so much and expanded my craft and my design vocabulary and had so many adventures! It was hard to let go. The period of grieving was long. I didn’t really recognize that I was grieving that venture until a friend pointed out that perhaps the reason I was having difficulty committing wholeheartedly to new ventures was that I hadn’t really let go of Terra Home. I needed to mark the ending and move on. Rituals of release are so important when we let go of things we love that can no longer be part of our lives.

Of course my friend was right. I still had so much love and energy tied up in something that was over. Letting go is not my strong suit. But I am learning. I packed up the ceramics studio, boxed up so many gorgeous tiles and gave many of them away to grateful friends. I am doing my best to move on emotionally. And energy is opening up in new creative areas. It is really opening up. I can’t wait to share some of that with you here.

I’m easing back in to the artful life and The Artful Life. If you are like me, you may find you awaken creatively at this time of year… you feel more drive to create, to learn, to flex your art muscles. As a way of welcoming you, and myself, back to the Artful Life, I’ve created a free email series based on my Nine Keys to an Artful Life… each day for ten days, starting on April 13 (that’s day after tomorrow!) you’ll receive a creative prompt in your in-box. Each prompt will be based on one of the Nine Keys. Some will be art journaling prompts, some will be life activities, some will be written prompts, and ALL of them will be fun, short, and doable. Want to come along? Just join my email list and you’ll receive all nine prompts, starting Wednesday. If you are already on my list, you don’t need to do anything, the prompts will come to you automagically!

Say hi in the comments if you like, I’ve missed you.


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