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Road Trip

I like to fly. The act of travel is  a challenge to my body, energy, and introvert-four-planets-in the -twelfth-house psyche. I love airports, and though flying is uncomfortable, it’s over quickly and you can get grounded and settled in your destination a day after leaving home.

So yeah, I like to fly. But somehow, the road trip is a recurring narrative in my life. I’ve done so many of them, Great ones, too, like the classic Route 66 trip from Chicago to L.A.. The old highway mostly doesn’t exist anymore, but you can hit most of the destinations on the Interstate. I’ve crossed the US twice, and Canada coast to coast twice (that is a LONG road trip!) I’ve been up and down the West Coast, and I’ve even driven from Luxembourg south to Lyon then across the Alps to Florence and back again.

Although I may prefer to fly, the road trip is woven into my history and my psyche and has been for me a crucible for transformation.

There’s a reason there isn’t a whole genre of movies about plane rides. Road trips make great stories because they are great catalysts for inner change and growth.

They have all the hallmarks of a mythic journey of transformation. You are taken out of your daily routine, you become an outlander, a traveler. You see each new place with wide eyes,you are flung out of your comfort zone and into a place of fresh wonder and curiosity.

You experience boredom, discomfort and fear, followed closely by awe, excitement, and yearning.  And if you are lucky, in the end, you are transformed by the landscapes and experiences through which you travel.

So, we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming here at The Artful Life, because I’m on the road.

I am literally on the road now as I write, cruising the Redwood Highway, about 200 miles north of San Francisco. We’ve just emerged from the giant redwood forests and are driving in the sun through a fertile valley full of marshes, scrubby poplar trees and small farm homesteads.

We’re driving down the West Coast from our home on Vancouver Island  to my daughter’s home in Venice Beach, California. It has been 16 years since we made this drive. And yes, I expect to be transformed. I am traveling back into the habitat of my former self – by visiting her old places, I will know better who I am now, and that will be both an empowerment and a letting go.

I’m going to do my best to document this journey and its transformations here – and if you want the daily updates, do follow me on Instagram, @theartfullife where you can share glimpses of my adventures as they happen.

Also I have an extra special treat planned for you. On our way home we’ll be stopping in Portland so I can do a little informal interview and studio visit to share with you, with one of my favourite artists/bloggers/artful women. I can’t wait to meet her and share our meeting with you! More details on that soon!

Have you ever taken a road trip? Were you transformed?

Bronwyn Simons And a reminder – Registration for my Artful Island July Retreat closes on June 14, so you only have a few more days to sign up! The retreat too will be a transformational journey, a time out of time. If it calls to you, I hope you will join us.

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Roxanna - Hi Bronwyn! It sounds like a wonderful trip you are on, and like you, I enjoy road trips too. We just finished a 10,960 kilometre road trip in Australia. The landscape, the scenery, the animals and the people we met along the way all made an impression on me that will last a lifetime. Such is the way with road trips. I’m anxious to hear how your road trip is for you, how it will change you if it does, how it will affect who you are and how it will last for you. Have fun! Enjoy visiting your daughter! And, explore the road! Love, Roxanna

Autumn Trust - Penny! 🙂

Nicola Ghersen - HI Bronwyn,
I want to join the artful retreat this July. I just need to know where to mail my $500 deposit check to!!! I am soooo excited to join you!!!
Gosh, if you have time would love to meet you in Santa Barbara as you pass on your way to Venice beach?
Have a great trip….loving your pictures and your posts.

Corinna - Enjoy your road trip and say hallo to sunny California. It is 10 years since I visited the US (Providence and L.A.). I am getting old…
I am looking Forward to the interview. I think I took her online class in February.

Bronwyn - Thanks Corinna! So have you guessed who the Artful Woman is?:)

Bronwyn - Hi Nicola! Yay! I have emailed you!

Bronwyn - Thanks Roxanna! I really enjoyed following your Australia road trip on your blog too. Now THAT was a road trip.xoxo

Bronwyn - Is this a guess about the Artful Woman Interview? if so…. nope! Not Penny! xo

Corinna - With Portland I would guess it is Flora.
I spontaneously decided to take her class after reading your blog post about the brave intuitive painting book and browsing her Website. I guess it was all the pink which convinced me 😉
I enjoyed her class a lot and I am still painting from time to time. Putting colorful paint on the canvas with my hands relaxes me after a tough day at the office. Thanks for bringing her to my attention. And thank you for all your posts and beautiful Pictures. I really enjoy reading your blog.