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20artfuldays4b 20artfuldays4c For today’s #20artfuldays spill I’m sharing spilled paint. These are pieces in progress for a series I started working on last fall when I got back from California. My natal Moon and Venus are both in the sign of Cancer in the First House. In a nutshell, this means that my self expression – the self I show to the world – is all about feelings and beauty and art and sensuality and the sacred feminine. I wanted to deal with this directly in these paintings, with images of traditional Venus figures, and the Moon, and big beautiful emotional spills of paint. I’ve stalled out on this work, and I’m hoping by sharing the work in progress, a new infusion of creative energy will be set in motion and more will happen on these canvases.

Are there any creative projects that have stalled in your life? What are they? What inspired you and why did you stop? Would you like to start again? What would help you to start? Share in the comments.


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Joanne yeadon - These are beautiful paintings! I love the colour combinations. I have a shed full of stuff awaiting transformation into a weaving studio…..I will start tommorrow!