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New Moon in Sagittarius: Focus on Farfetched Dreams

new moon in sagittarius

{Each month, nature in her wisdom and beauty offers us an opportunity, a clean slate, a shining outward and visible sign of the grace we are always given to move beyond our own shadow and start again. In the night sky, the dark Moon begins to clear the Earth’s shadow and reveals a tiny sliver of the freshest silver. The New Moon.}

Are you feeling a bit better, clearer, brighter, and warmer today than you’ve felt for awhile? Early this morning both the Sun and the Moon moved out of the regenerative swamps of Scorpio and into the clear dancing firelight of Sagittarius. Whew, right? We’ve been doing some deep soul work lately, and now it’s time to turn to lightheartedness, adventure, and dreams – big, farfetched dreams.

Farfetched means unlikely, a little crazy. But it literally means brought from afar. The ability to manifest absurdly optimistic, farfetched plans is a trait of Sagittarius at its best. I’m married to a Sagittarius, and I’ve seen this happen again and again. As a cautious, methodical Taurus, farfetched plans give me anxiety and cause me to start generating endless to-do lists. And I have marveled, again and again, at the apparently magical Sagittarian ability to say “Let’s do…. THAT!” then raise the bow, and ZINGGG… bring down that farfetched dream in a flash. How do they do that?

My Sagittarian sweetie is also literally an archer. In archery, there are two distinct approaches to nailing your target. One is by sight, of course. The other, more traditional method is instinctive aiming, which relies on unconscious conditioning and allows the archer to hit her target without aiming visually. The bow is raised and the arrow shot in one swift fluid motion, without time for sighting. This is Sagittarian magic for sure. To master instinctive aiming, you need self-trust, great body-mind unity, and consistent preparation. Skill aligns with desire, the worried ego steps out of the way, and ZINGGG…

This New Moon, we are all being granted the temporary power of instinctive aiming. Use it wisely.

New Moon Blessings,

About Bronwyn: Bronwyn Simons’ vision is of a world where we are all able to live daily lives of deep connection, purpose, and joy. She’s an artist, writer, teacher, and retreat leader whose work has touched and transformed hundreds of women’s lives for the better.  The Artful Life Blog provides a daily touchstone for women seeking to live more soul-satisfying lives.

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