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New Moon in Aquarius – Grand Vistas

aquarius-new-moon {Each month, nature in her wisdom and beauty offers us an opportunity, a clean slate, a shining outward and visible sign of the grace we are always given to move beyond our own shadow and start again. In the night sky, the dark Moon begins to clear her shadow and reveals a tiny sliver of the freshest silver. The New Moon.}

Imagine, or remember a time you were on a road trip… maybe you’re feeling a bit stiff and groggy from hours of sitting in the car, the stuffiness, movement, the noise of the engine, the road rolling by… then you see a sign for a look-out or vista coming up, and you pull over to stretch your legs and take in the view. You ease out of the car, and walk stiffly over to see what there is to be seen… then… Ahh!  A sharp intake of breath as a grand unexpected vista opens out before and beneath you. Is this a moment of vertigo and fear for you, or a moment of giddy joy? Or a little bit of both?

This is the feeling you will be having somewhere in your life tonight as the moon and sun move into conjunction in Aquarius. If you can, choose giddy joy over fearful dizziness. It really is your choice to make.

Use the strong intake of breath, the new scene, the expanded horizon, and the rush of adrenaline to clear your head and steel your resolve for navigating the fast-moving energies of the coming month. Set intentions and cast wishes concerning your long-term goals, the ones that get you closer to your heart’s desire. Please feel free to share your New Moon intentions here in the comments, and I will put them on my New Moon altar.



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Si - To rekindle love <3

Bronwyn - May it be so!! <3 <3 <3