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art journal friday – planner as art journal

I don’t keep a separate planner pad, vision board and art journal – my planner pad is my vision board and art journal. Over the years I’ve evolved my own personal style with this all-important book – I’ve used art calendars into which I pasted and paper-clipped imagery, I’ve used blank books and filled in the calendar pages myself. Recently I’ve been using Planner Pads because I love the system, it helps me hold the thread  on the many different aspects of my life and business. There’s also plenty of room for collage. But really, you could do this with any journal, calendar, or planner.

Each month I publish my monthly planner pad vision board here on the blog, and those are always popular posts, so I thought you might like to know a bit about how I use my planner. As with any creative pursuit, the key is to feel free to do your own thing with the materials, and, you know, colour outside the lines. I doodle all over my planner pages. I tear out little pretty magazine clippings and write my to-do’s on those. I get free and easy with the washi tape. I glue inspirational images into each week’s page, to align with a theme I set for the week.

I do my best to make it fun; when planning is fun, my productivity is much better. I have a tray that can move with me around the house, stocked with washi tape, felt markers and highlighters, scissors, magazines, stickers, cute post-its, tabs, etc.. I set aside time on Sunday night, or sometimes Monday morning, and spend and hour or so with my planner pad. I do some journaling and think about what is important in the coming week – not just the must-do’s and work, but the fun things, the way I want to feel, the self care, the astrological influences – everything about my life in the week ahead. I ask myself what’s most important, and I structure my week around that. There are always work goals and deadlines, and unavoidable commitments, but there are also long-term goals and essential self-care items that hold equal weight.
art journal planner

I find when my planner is beautiful and inspiring, it serves as a real support for the work I need and want to do. When I open it up, instead of feeling rushed or worried, I am reminded of the big picture, and how to make all the details work. Then I relax, and everything seems possible, and workable.

Bronwyn Simons

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