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9 Keys to an Artful Life eCourse – Love Your Life


Nine Keys to an Artful Life – An Nine Week Immersion in the Art of Living Abundantly
Next Session Begins May 1st, 2016: Registration is Now Open!

I want your life to be beautiful. My wish for all of us as women is that we should live our daily lives at ease in our bodies, aligned in our spirits, and nourished and supported in our relationships and life structures. When we are supported inwardly, we can experience the joy of releasing our true gifts to the world.

The Artful Life eCourse is an nine week program designed to help you live a vital, creative, joyful, and inspired life, and to infuse your day-to-day experience with  abundance and beauty. Through contemplation, creative challenges, and art journaling, you will explore:

nine-keys-poster 1
Using the Nine Keys over the last few years has helped me to reshape my life into one of authenticity and equilibrium; a life that truly fits who I am. My life is a great creative collaboration with the Universe. I want all the juicy parts of life – I don’t want to miss a thing.

It never works to try and shape your life in someone else’s mould. The Artful Life I create may not please or fit you at all. But the Nine Keys are guidelines for any life. We all benefit from a life of richness, balance, and challenge. The Keys encourage you to live fully into all the corners of your life.

And it doesn’t happen all at once… these are guides for a lifetime. In 2015 I focused on sharing my gifts with the world, savouring my relationships, and opening to abundance. In 2016 my vision is to continue to emphasize sharing my gifts with the world, indulging my creativity, and making my home a sanctuary.

But I do try to live every day with at least a nod to each of the Nine Keys.

If you’d like to dive deep this Spring and explore the beauty of your life and self, if you’d like to feel free to live your life as pure, wonderful you, if the Nine Keys sound like elements you want to bring to your every day, then you might want to join me for The Artful Life eCourse, Spring Edition. It’s a nine week immersion in the Nine Keys, beginning May 1st, 2016.

The course is delivered via a private blog, audio lessons, and downloadable PDF’s. We also have private dedicated Facebook group to meet and share with other artful women.The course activities are a combination of contemplative, action oriented and creative. So some days you’ll be challenged to ponder a topic and write in your journal; sometimes the challenge is to take some action in your life, and the course is also sprinkled with creative activities. By the end of the course, you’ve had a chance to ponder and integrate each of the Nine Keys into your life.

Weekly modules include:

  • An audio visit from Bronwyn and occasional special guests,
  • Gorgeous PDF guidebook with printable journaling prompts and bonus artwork for your walls
  • An art journaling prompt with tutorial and lush examples,
  • Encouragement and tools for infusing your life with more creativity and beauty.


Your journey in this original ecourse for women will be an exploration of these Nine Keys to an Artful Life. For nine weeks, you’ll immerse yourself in the Keys, deeply exploring the meaning of each Key in your own life, and discovering ways to gently integrate each Key into your day-to-day.

Course content is delivered via our beautiful, private course blog.  To allow you to integrate the Keys fully into your life, the material is offered via images, audio, and writings. For each Key, I prompt you to take time to Contemplate through journaling prompts and thought experiments, Act by applying the key to your own life, and Create by participating in creative challenges that range from fun DIY crafty projects to writing love letters to finding new ways to move your body! All course material is downloadable for you to keep for lifetime access. You’ll also have optional lifetime access to the private Facebook page for Artful Life eCourse participants past and present, which is becoming a lively community of women!

How the Course Will Unfold – An Outline of the First Weeks:

We will prepare for our journey by setting up a special self-care space in our home, and preparing an art journal to record what we learn and explore along the way!

Week One
We will explore what it means to each of us to truly love our body. We’ll explore how to access our innate body wisdom, how to feel good or even better in our skins as we move through the cycles of a woman’s life, how to care deeply for our bodies from a place of nurturing, not criticism, and how making our body our ally is the first step on the path to self-love.

Week Two
We will explore the many different ways to nurture our spirits. We’ll look at the diverse and unique ways each of us approaches spirituality, and the different meanings it holds in our lives. We’ll explore mindfulness techniques and other traditional and non-traditional ways to touch the sacred. We’ll welcome the sacred into our daily lives with a really FUN creative project this week!

Week Three
A delicious week of exploring and indulging in deeply nurturing self-care. This week, we’ll learn how to practice better self-care, and through a beautiful collage and journaling project, we’ll set up a self-care plan for the entire year…

…And all nine weeks will continue to unfold in a like manner, with deep exploration, sharing, and fun and do-able creative projects to welcome each of the Nine Keys into your life.

If you have any questions about the course, please get in touch!


Register here!

Nine Keys to an Artful Life – A Nine Week Immersion in the Art of Living Well

The investment for this course is $259.

Need a payment plan? We can do that. Just contact me to set it up.

art-journal-vintage-book-7Why I teach

I want your life to be beautiful. I want to help you gather the tools you need to live more vividly, more authentically, and with a richer enjoyment of your already-awesome life. For two decades I’ve been teaching, leading, and facilitating workshops, retreats, and classes for women. Whether I’m teaching movement, visual art, creativity, or wise woman ways, my focus is always on guiding each woman home to herself, home to an appreciation of her unique shining spirit and perfect, wise body. I’m so excited to be bringing these teaching gifts online, and I trust that the same gifts and spirit that have allowed me to connect so deeply with so many in-person circles of women over the years will also allow me to connect through this medium, with you.


Bronwyn has a light that shines from within, even across the world wide web. She exudes grace, beauty, calm and life into all she teaches. I was blessed to be a part of her last e-course, and although it was at a very hectic time in my life, we were moving fr ND all the way to FL – I still managed to read every post, let it sink in, and respond when I could. Her teaching style is that of a warm kindergarten teacher. I felt she was holding my hand in hers and leading me into beautiful flowery fields filled with light and love. I loved the private blog, and loved all the colorful imagery Bronwyn used in all her posts.. those alone were so inspiring, not to mention all the teaching and thoughts she shared with us. If I could give her a million thumbs up I would. I really would. This course will recharge your life!! Rejuvenate your soul. You will go on with your life with a heightened sense of purpose. You will love yourself more. And you will have more of your best self to give to others in your life. As I begin my new life here in the state of Florida, I am thankful I am wiser. I feel more at calm, more at peace, than I ever have in my life. Bronwyn, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. You are an angel. xo  bonitarose
~Bonita Rose Kempenich, Ormond By The Sea, FL USA. Bonita blogs at

“Bronwyn moves through life with ease and grace.  She is an inspiration for any person wishing to add beauty and creativity to their existence.  As a dance teacher she taught me to feel strength and power in my body.  As an artist she has shown me how one can craft objects with deep simplicity and complex beauty.  I am honored to have her in my life and always look forward to her next creation or word of advice.”
~ Arielle Fraser, Vancouver, Canada


“Bronwyn is a wonderful, gentle, skilled teacher and leader.  I am someone who likes to dabble in art but has no talent whatsoever, and I found Bronwyn guided me through one of her classes with ease, patience and understanding. Her praise at my attempts encouraged me to continue. Her peace, patience, talent and grace radiate from her wherever, whenever. I want to be just like her.

~ Roxanna Mandryk, BC, Canada


“Bronwyn ~ she is Grace on earth and an innate teacher with wonderful skills! Bronwyn saw the dance light in me as she does in others and her own light radiates!  I benefited by increased self-esteem through her classes, I benefited in learning proper technique for Raqs Sharqui style, including a Teacher Training Certificate in this style, also my overall health improved and so did flexibility and overall feelings of mental wellness. I have Lupus and some limitations, as indeed a lot of dancers do, Bronwyn is gracious and kind and knowledgeable where anyone would feel like they ‘fit in.’
                                                        ~ Layla Kukkola, Comox, BC, Canada


I found Bronwyn a gentle inspiring creative leader sharing her love of dance, meditation, art and theatrical expression. I found my fear drop away as I experienced the teacher giving the message of “there are no mistakes, only variations!” I would love to participate in another retreat led by Bronwyn.”

~ Jenny Nash, Vancouver, BC




“In early 2011 I took Bronwyn’s course, “The Artful Blog.”  I completely enjoyed the course and found the content very useful.  Bronwyn was patient and helpful too when I had questions.  When I signed up for the course I had a personal blog just for fun.  I was able to spruce it up and improve the appearance.  Now I have a business site and blog.  Looking back over the content of this great course, I can see that I need to review it all and make some changes!  I’m glad that I still have access to this course so that I can review the information and apply it.”                          ~Loran Hills, Utah, USA




“What I loved about having Bronwyn as a dance teacher was that she taught us more than just dance steps. Dance was more about finding ourselves creatively and expressing that through our movement. Her classes were more about us as people in the dance, being the dance, rather than students just “doing” the dance.  I loved this because she encouraged and honoured our intuition.

~ Lisa Hamilton, BC, Canada



Bronwyn is a great leader and compassionate champion of women’s empowerment.  I attended the first class she taught in my area, and within a year or two it evolved into a community of diverse women of all ages.  We all developed our creativity and confidence. With Bronwyn’s expert teaching, I was able to perform solo and in group choreographies, something I had never done before.  I have not found another  teacher who could compare to her.  Bronwyn is also a creative talent in her varied other endeavors… your involvement with her is most likely to be beneficial and rewarding beyond your expectations.”           ~ Julia Gardner, Vancouver, Canada


Cancellation Policy

Please choose carefully, as your tuition is non-refundable. If an emergency arises that prevents you from taking the course at the scheduled time, you may apply your fee to the next offering of the course.

After you register

Within 24 hours of registering, you will receive a welcome package and confirmation note from me. On April 29, 2016, I’ll send you the log in info. for our gorgeous private class blog, along with a PDF Guidebook covering all practical and tech aspects of the program.

If you have any questions about the program, please email me, I’d be happy to answer them.



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Rhonda - Has registration closed for this ecourse?

Nicola Ghersen - Hi Bronwyn,
I am so sorry that I did not write a testimonial regarding the art life course I took. It totally slipped my memory. I loved everything about it. You are such an inspiration and the joy of creating each week was so purposeful and fun. I loved taking the time to do this.
Life stuff did get in the way a bit during the time. I am considering taking it again in the Spring.
Thanks and I hope you SHINE this year even more.
With love,

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