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creating personal ritual through intuitive guidance

As children, we don’t make distinctions between intuition and intellect, or imagination and fact. We experience the world with an unbounded heart-mind, holding simultaneous realities with ease. My own childhood was so, perhaps more than others. I spent most of my time alone in nature or immersed in books and art, we had no television, […]

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simple buddhist wisdom practices

“Simple” here does not imply easy, or small, or unimportant. These practices are magnificent and profound. And they’re not complicated. These practices are designed for developing compassion and managing suffering. You don’t have to be a buddhist or any other kind of religious or spiritual person to engage in these practices. They are comforting and […]

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magical reality

Imagine entering a sacred space dedicated to feminine earth power. It’s harvest season. The entrance to the space is hidden, nestled amongst gardens and hothouses, and you must walk through the tall rain-wet grass to find it. The threshold is embedded with seashells and draped with vines. You remove your shoes and duck through the […]

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