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create a vintage book art journal for 2014 – tutorial part two!

Last time on Artful Friday I showed you how to prep the pages of a vintage book for journaling. Today I’m sharing a fun, simple painting technique that I used in the first pages of my new journal. With this technique, you create decorative letters and shapes on a white background by first creating a […]

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creating yummy background texture for your painting, mixed media, & art journal spreads

Today I’ll show you some tricks I have learned and developed for creating texture in the background of my mixed media pieces. These are all playful, experimental techniques, and I encourage you to be playful and experimental too when you are beginning a new piece. Making art can be liberating, sensual, free, and fun. Painting […]

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Art Journal Friday – Great Big Paint

What are you doing lately to nurture your inner artist? Are you taking any creative risks? Are you taking time to learn and grow in your creative practices? For at least 25 years, I have been filling in the “Occupation” space on forms with the word “Artist.” I walk through the world as an artist, […]

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