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art journal friday – create an inspiration wall!

Do you use lots of ephemera and sheets torn from magazines in your art journaling? Are you constantly collecting and stockpiling pretty labels and fabric swatches and postcards and wrappers and bits of paper? Where do they all end up? In a file folder or stacked in a drawer? Have you ever created an inspiration wall?

An inspiration wall is, of course, a real world pinboard. I love Pinterest (and you can follow me there) but I have always loved the tactile and sensory experience of working with bits of beautiful paper and images with my hands. This is why I never get virtual magazine subscriptions. Are you kidding? Magazines are some of my favourite art supplies!

Here are some of the real life pinboards I’ve collected on a virtual pinboard (Home Love):

An inspiration wall is basically a big, ever-changing collage. All you need to get started is a stack of your favourite images or magazines, some Uhu Tak or a similar sticky tack for sticking things to walls harmlessly, and maybe some washi tape just for fun. You can choose a theme, like flowers, water, black and white, a particular colour, fashion, faces, etc., or just dive in and let the themes emerge. I like the just-dive-in approach, because invariably I will learn something new about myself and my tastes and interests just by observing what images and colours I am drawn to over time.

I have devoted a wall in my study to inspiration, and when I am feeling tired or stuck with a project, I will often just take some time to play with my giant collage. I’ll move things around, remove them, add new things. It’s soothing and creative and playful, and always gets me back on track if I’ve lost my creative mojo.

Another way I like to save and play with images and ephemera is with a set of clipboards I keep on my art table. The clipboards allow me to create small, temporary moodboards, to play with different themes and combinations. These, too, are ever-changing.

So are you ready to jump in and create an inspiration wall? Where will your wall be? What kind of images will you collect? Will your wall be an orderly grid, or built up of happily chaotic layers? Maybe you’d like to create a blackboard inspiration wall so you can combine drawing and writing with your ever-changing collage. Where will you start?

Have an artful weekend!

About Bronwyn:  Bronwyn Simons’ vision is of a world where we are all able to live daily lives of deep connection, purpose, and joy. She’s an artist, writer, teacher, and retreat leader whose work has touched and transformed hundreds of women’s lives for the better.  Her next big adventure is the Artful Living in Mexico retreat at gorgeous Hacienda Mosaico in March 2014. The Artful Life Blog provides a daily touchstone for women seeking to live more soul-satisfying lives.

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Heather - Though I have seen inspiration walls before, this post really really inspired me and I have started washi-ing images and things to my linene closet door! Thanks for the inspo!

Bronwyn - Yay! I’m glad it inspired you, Heather! It was fun to see your pretty wall on Instagram. xo

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