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A Nourishing Life Vegan eCourse

**UPDATE: Registration for the Fall Session is now closed! New Year’s Session begins January 12th

Are you considering becoming vegan, or just wanting to integrate more plant-based cooking into your life? Are you yearning for food and cooking to be a beautiful, nourishing, and easy part of your life instead of a stress or hassle? Would you like to learn to nourish yourself more wisely and lovingly on every level?

Yes? Then you’ll want to check out A Nourishing Life, my upcoming vegan ecourse (starts October 7, 2013) in collaboration with vegan chef, blogger, and cookbook author Bryanna Clark Grogan.

Bryanna and I are getting together to offer you nine weeks of exploring how to eat, cook, and live with more creativity, ease, beauty, and compassion.

A Nourishing Life Vegan eCourse with Bronwyn Simons and Bryanna Clark Grogan
January 12 – March 15 2014.

A nine week immersion in the vegan lifestyle. Transform your relationship with food. Go vegan step-by-step, learn invaluable vegan kitchen skills and savor delicious original recipes. The course takes a holistic approach – we will explore how food and nutrition impact every area of our lives, and we will learn to transform every area of our lives by cultivating a new, healthy, compassionate relationship to food.

Bryanna Clark Grogan is a top vegan blogger, chef, teacher, and cookbook author. She has authored eight popular vegan cookbooks, including World Vegan Feast. She has been a featured presenter at numerous vegan conferences including VegFest in Seattle, Portland’s VidaVeganCon, and the McDougall Celebrity Chef Weekend in California. Learn more on Bryanna’s blog.

Bronwyn Simons’ vision is of a world where we are all able to live daily lives of deep connection, purpose, and joy. She’s an artist, writer, teacher, dancer, yogini, and retreat leader whose work has touched and transformed hundreds of women’s lives for the better. Her popular blog The Artful Life provides a daily touchstone for women seeking to live more soul-satisfying lives.

Each week of A Nourishing Life will unfold around a theme – one of Bronwyn’s Nine Keys to an Artful Life. The Nine Keys are:

Love Your Body
Nurture Your Spirit
Practice Loving Self-Care
Savor Your Relationships
Indulge Your Creativity
Make Your Home a Sanctuary
Harmonize with Natural Cycles
Open to Abundance
Share Your Gifts with the World

All lessons will be delivered via our private blog. The private blog includes a forum where students can interact, post questions for each other and the instructors, and post their homework.

Here’s what each week in the course will look like:

Every Monday
~A lesson from Bryanna
~Original vegan recipe(s) from Bryanna
~Kitchen homework from Bryanna
~The weekly music playlist is released (music to cook to!)

Every Wednesday
~A lesson from Bronwyn
~Journaling prompts from Bronwyn
~Lifestyle homework from Bronwyn

Every Friday
~A collaborative lesson from Bronwyn & Bryanna

Every Sunday
~Share kitchen and lifestyle homework in the course forum
~Bonus lesson released via video, screencast, podcast, or other media. Bonus lessons will include cooking lessons with Bryanna, interviews with vegan luminaries, book reviews, resource round-ups and more.

Why I’m so excited about A Nourishing Life

I am sitting here at my keyboard with a mid-afternoon pick-me-up – I’m munching on some beautiful organic 85% dark fair trade chocolate, and sipping a lovely organic earl grey tea with almond milk and agave nectar. I’m thinking about how I really love good food. I’m a sensualist; I love the whole experience of good food, the pleasure and beauty of skilfully prepared, high quality yumminess.

At the same time, I experience my body as a temple. I care deeply about the wholesomeness of what I take in, and on a larger scale, about what I consume and how that effects my community and my environment. I’m deeply committed to acting with compassion and kindness to the best of my ability. I strive to be aware of how my food choices effect the people and creatures around me.

So my food life, my relationship with food and cooking, is very important to me – because it’s not just about eating, it’s about wellness and wholeness, and it’s about cultivating compassion and beauty physically, spiritually, and socially.

Our relationship with food has a huge impact on our lives and potentially on the lives of others. This is why I’m so excited about this new project that I’m launching in collaboration with my dear friend Bryanna Clark Grogan, who is a vegan chef, blogger, and cookbook author. Our project is called A Nourishing Life, and it launches this September.

A Nourishing Life is a nine week course that brings together the best of what Bryanna does, creating gorgeous & yummy vegan recipes and building community around food, with the best of what I do, building community online, and helping women live more creative, beautiful and soulful lives.

I was inspired to create this vegan ecourse for two reasons:

First of all, I love working with Bryanna, and I love learning from her. She has so much knowledge and wisdom to share about vegan food and cooking and food history and the art of living well! Read her message below, and you’ll get a sense of what an amazing woman she is.

Secondly, I see a need and a desire in my readers and in the people around me. I see folks who may not be ready to commit completely to a vegan lifestyle, but are eager to embrace a more plant based diet, want to eat more cleanly and compassionately, and yearn to develop a simpler, more mindful, and more compassionate relationship with food. And people are asking – where do I start? How do I do this?


Who is A Nourishing Life for?

We want to make this course accessible to anybody who wants to improve their relationship with food and become a more compassionate eater. No matter where you are on that spectrum, whether you’re just starting to integrate a meatless Monday or whether you want to deepen your commitment to a fully vegan lifestyle, this course will offer you riches.

We’ll help you develop a more mindful and compassionate approach to your eating choices, and bring a multitude of benefits to your health, your family life, your schedule, your emotional well-being, your pleasure and skills in the kitchen, your recipe repertoire, and your contribution to peace. We’re not asking you to make a commitment to veganism, although you might well end up wanting to! We are encouraging you work towards having a more mindful relationship with food.

How is A Nourishing Life structured?

A Nourishing Life is a nine week course delivered online via a private blog and forum. Each week, new material will be posted on the course blog, usually three to four posts per week. Bryanna and I will be teaching and sharing with you through a variety of media, including written posts, video and private podcasts, and of course, recipes and optional homework challenges! You’ll have a chance to share your experience and interact with other participants via our private forum on the course blog. Each week we’ll work with food through a different theme, based on Bronwyn’s Nine Keys to an Artful Life. We’ll be looking at self-care, relationships, creativity, spirituality, and more. Food touches ever aspect of our lives, and our course reflects that.

Here’s a brief course outline. you can download the full outline here:
Week One – Love Your Body
Welcome! A welcome post from Bryanna and Bronwyn, Opening Circle and Introductions in the Forum
Bryanna’s Lesson – Vegan Nutrition
Bronwyn’s Lesson – Cultivating a Positive Relationship with Our Bodies
Shared Lesson – Move Your Body!
Bonus Lesson – Content TBA

Week Two – Nurture Your Spirit
Bryanna’s Lesson – Eating Without Harming, Step by Step
Bronwyn’s Lesson – The Sacredness of Daily Life
Shared Lesson – Food and Spiritual Traditions
Bonus Lesson – Content TBA

Week Three – Practice Loving Self-Care
Bryanna’s Lesson – Eating Well is a Self-Care Necessity
Bronwyn’s Lesson – The Psychology of Self-Care
Shared Lesson – Treat Yourself!
Bonus Lesson – Vegan Clothing

Week Four – Savor Your Relationships
Bryanna’s Lesson – Family Traditions and Cooking for Friends
Bronwyn’s Lesson – Artful Vegan Entertaining
Shared Lesson – How to Share Your Food Philosophy Mindfully
Bonus Lesson – Vegan Kid Pleasers – Vegan Cooking For and With Children

Week Five – Indulge Your Creativity
Bryanna’s Lesson – Cooking Creatively
Bronwyn’s Lesson – Kitchen Creativity
Shared Lesson – Food and the Five Senses
Bonus Lesson – Cooking with the Color Wheel

Week Six – Make Your Home a Sanctuary
Bryanna’s Lesson – The Kitchen as Workshop, Inspiration, and Creative Hub
Stocking the vegan pantry.
Bronwyn’s Lesson – Beautiful Kitchens, Beautiful Tables, Beautiful Dining
Shared Lesson – Vegan and Harm-Free Household Care Products
Bonus Lesson – Content TBA

Week Seven – Harmonize with Natural Cycles
Bryanna’s Lesson – Eating Well for Different Life Stages
Bronwyn’s Lesson – Connecting with Nature’s Cycles
Shared Lesson – Eating with the Seasons
Bonus Lesson – Content TBA

Week Eight – Open to Abundance
Bryanna’s Lesson – The Essence of Deliciousness
Bronwyn’s Lesson – Cooking with Heart
Shared Lesson – Enough for Everyone – The Politics of Food
Bonus Lesson – Create a Windowsill or Doorstep Herb Garden – A Tutorial

Week Nine – Share Your Gifts with the World
Bryanna’s Lesson – Holiday Table + Recipe Sharing
Bronwyn’s Lesson – The Importance of Authenticity
Shared Lesson – Final Q&A
Bonus Lesson – A Vegan Holiday Season
On the forum – Closing Circle and a Virtual Feast! Students are encouraged to share their recipes and photos in a virtual vegan holiday party!

I think what you are going to love most about this course is the passion that both Bryanna I bring to our work, and how we are able to communicate that passion online through the recipes, activities, and dialogue that we’ll be sharing with you. I think you’re going to be surprised and pleased by the value of content that you’ll receive in this course, and also by the richness of it, and by what you’ll learn about yourself and your relationship with food. And it’s going to be fun.

I can’t wait to share this course with you!

Bronwyn Simons




Details Please!

A Nourishing Life will run for nine weeks, from January 12 – March 15 2014. Your investment for the course is $299.00 USD.

After you register – Within 24 hours of registering, you will receive a confirmation note from me. On January 10, 2013, we’ll send you the log in info. for our gorgeous private class blog, along with a PDF Guidebook covering all practical and technical aspects of the program. If you have any questions about the program, please email me, I’d be happy to answer them.

A Message From Bryanna

Bronwyn asked me to write a little something about myself and what I hope to offer you in this course (which is a new and exciting adventure for me)…

According to my mother, as a baby I not only hummed when I ate my meals, but began cooking at a very early age (before I can remember). Now in my 60’s, I continue to be fascinated with the sensory enjoyment, and the art and science of food and cuisine, and with the fascinating cuisines of cultures worldwide. I love to experiment with food, and I continue to learn daily about the science, art and process of cooking—how and why things work. One of my great joys is to share what I’ve learned with others.

I grew up in a winery in central California, where my Peruvian-born father was the official host and my mother cooked with liberal amounts of wine. We moved to San Francisco when I was 11, and, at age 18, my late husband Wayne Clark and I moved to another culturally-diverse city, Vancouver, BC. I now have lived in the beautiful Comox Valley region of Vancouver Island for the last 35 years.

I combined writing with cooking early on. I wrote newspaper cooking columns for over 30 years, and was a frequent contributor and reviewer for Vegetarian Times magazine in the 1990’s. I wrote and published a subscription print newsletter on bread and sourdough, called The Rising Times, for two years, and The Vegan Feast, an online subscription newsletter full of original recipes and articles, for 6 years. More recently, I’ve written features for Alive! Magazine.

I have 3 daughters and a son (and now have 7 grandchildren and 2 stepsons), and was a La Leche League leader for several years. I taught cooking and baking at several LLL International conferences across the USA. This led to my first experience (in pre-vegan days ) with writing part of a book, serving Bread Editor for the LLL official cookbook, Whole Foods for the Whole Family. Shortly thereafter, 18 of my recipes appeared in The Harrowsmith Cookbook, Vol 1, and several also in the Harrowsmith Pasta Cookbook.

Since becoming vegan (in 1988), I have authored 8 published vegan cookbooks: The Almost No-Fat Cookbook, The Almost No-Fat Holiday Cookbook, Soyfoods Cooking for a Positive Menopause, 20 Minutes to Dinner, Nonna’s Italian Kitchen, Authentic Chinese Cuisine for the Contemporary Kitchen, The Fiber for Life Cookbook (all with The Book Publishing Co., Summertown, TN), and my latest, World Vegan Feast (With Vegan Heritage Press, Woodstock, VA). I also developed the recipes for Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes, and my recipes have appeared in several other books, including Howard Lyman’s No More Bull!.

Aside from writing, I was one of a group who was instrumental in opening the first vegetarian restaurant in the Comox Valley (the Bar None Café). I have also given workshops and classes locally, and at numerous vegetarian and health gatherings in North America (including Vegetarian SummerFest; the International Scientific Conference on Chinese Plant Based Nutrition and Cuisine in Philadelphia; Vegetarian Awakening Chef’s Conferences in Michigan; Portland VegFest; the McDougall Celebrity Chef Weekend in California; VidaVeganCon [a vegan bloggers’ conference] in Portland, OR; and the Victoria [BC] Vegan Festival). I have been been a guest chef several times at Seattle VegFest and some of my recipes are included in their cookbook, The Veg-Feasting Cookbook. It’s really fun to get off this little island once in a while and interact with other vegan writers, chefs, cooks, bloggers and activists!

As I write this all down, it seems that I have devoted over 40 years to this fascinating subject and have been vegan for 25 of those years—and still lots more to explore!

On a more personal level, I live in the woods on beautiful Denman Island, BC (off the east coast of Vancouver Island) with my husband Brian (a black & white film photographer and instructor, bread baker, and music aficionado), Pheobe the dog, and cats Sadie and Ringo. For my day job, I have managed a small branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library for over 30 years. I continue to bellydance, as a student and sometimes a fill-in teacher. (Bronwyn was my teacher and I danced in Bronwyn’s dance troupe, the Melissae, for several years—a very happy time!) Besides food-related activities and dance, I love walking with Brian and Pheobe, spending time with our large blended family, world music, reading historical mystery fiction and other people’s cookbooks, British TV, learning about other cultures, baking interesting breads, keeping up with world news and environmental affairs, and supporting animal and human rights and justice.

I want to share my love of beautiful, nourishing, vegan food with you—to show you that this cuisine can be both eye-appealing and delicious, and that it does not have to be “weird”, time-consuming, exclusive, or expensive. Vegan cuisine is inclusive—everyone can partake of it! And I hope to impart what I have learned about sharing with non-vegan family members so that everyone feels satisfied, and so that family and cultural traditions can be respected and carried on over the generations.

Looking forward to meeting you!

{check out Bryanna’s blog here, visit her on Facebook and Twitter, or browse her cookbooks here.}


Yay! Sounds great! How do I sign up?

You can register online using the “Register Now” button below. A Nourishing Life will run for nine weeks, January 12 – March 15 2014. Your investment for the course is $299.00 USD.

After you register – Within 24 hours of registering, you will receive a confirmation note from me. On January 10 2014, we’ll send you the log in info. for our gorgeous private class blog, along with a PDF Guidebook covering all practical and technical aspects of the program. If you have any questions about the program, please email me, I’d be happy to answer them. Cancellation Policy – Please choose carefully, as your tuition is non-refundable. If an emergency arises that prevents you from taking the course at the scheduled time, you may apply your fee to the next offering of the course.

Howard Burns - When can we see a course syllabus?

Thanks, Howard

Bronwyn - Hi Howard,
I’ve emailed you a full course outline, and will publish an abbreviated version on the blog tomorrow.

And to anyone else who would like to see the full course outline week-by-week, just drop me a line at and I will happily send you the PDF!

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